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Suppressor Ready from Savage

One of these days I’ve got to do a review of Savage’s Model 93 FV-SR. It comes with a picatinny rail, and I’ve been dragging my feet on picking an optic for it. I acquired this 22 mag rifle specifically in anticipation of also acquiring a suppressor for on it. The 93 FV-SR is something that Lipsey has carried off an on for a while, and which Savage added as a part of its regular line up in 2014.

Savage keeps adding new suppressor ready rimfire rifles. The 93R17 FV-SR is already being sold, and retains the same over sized bolt and picatinny rail as its 22 mag sibling. This one won’t come up under their Gun Finder pages, but can still be seen in the catalog under the ‘Browse Models’ option. In keeping with Savage labeling, these are really the same rifle in two different chamberings. Moving from a 22mag to a 17HMR in a bolt action is pretty much a trivial operation, requiring only a barrel change. If you pick one of these up, and are looking for a silencer, be aware that every suppressor rated for 22 mag is not guaranteed to handle 17HMR. Check with the manufacturer.

Another rifle, also already listed in the catalog, is the Model 64 FV-SR. This is their semi-auto 22lr now with a threaded barrel and picatinny rail. They’ve also got the 64 TR-SR, effecively the same rifle but with a matte black wood stock, and a mount point for a bipod.

Neither of these two firearms is any newer than the 93 FV-SR. What is new is that they have moved out of the realm of the niche, special order, single wholesaler only category into the regular factory catalog. And that is one more indicator of the growing number of people purchasing suppressors. The cost is coming down, and shooting with a suppressor is a whole lot more comfortable than shooting with earplugs and muffs.

There is also a 93R17 TRR-SR listed on the site, which appears to have a black stock, but made of some sort of wood rather than synthetic. It also sports a 22″ barrel, an inch longer than the non-threaded 93R17 TRR, and significantly longer than 16.5″ barrel on the 22mag rifle. One picture on Savage’s website indicates that the rifle might be wearing a tri-rail, possibly that is the source of the TRR in the model naming scheme?

Incidentally Savage model numbers include the letter ‘F’ to indicate a synthetic stock, and ‘V’ to indicate a heavy varmint barrel. I can only assume that Savage is sticking with a black synthetic stock on these because they believe that a suppressor ready firearm is a tactical junkie sort of weapon, and a black synthetic stock is desired. On a personal note, I’m a bit on the fence about the appearance of these rifles, and I’ve given a little thought to restocking the 93 FV-SR I own with a decent piece of wood.

The Mark II series hasn’t been neglected either. The Mark II FV-SR is the synthetic stocked, varmit barreled, threaded rifle you might imagine, and the Mark II TRR-SR is the same good old Mark II wearing a matte black wood stock, with a spot for a bipod to be attached. The description says ‘drilled and tapped for scope mounts’ but the picture shows an interrupted picatinny with the front part made into a tri-rail.

On the other hand the heavy barrel provides a nice shoulder on the barrel to mount a suppressor up to, making for a tighter mount and less likely to experience a costly baffle strike.

So that’s great news for the rimfires, but when is Savage going to make a center fire in a suppressor ready version? Check their Law Enforcement Series. The 10 FCP-SR (model 10, synthetic stock, removable mag, police version) comes with a 20″ barrel, left or right handed, and any caliber you want as long as you want 308 Winchester.

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