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Disassemble Center Fire Suppressors

The rimfire suppressors almost always can be broken down and cleaned internally. This is occasionally needed because 22lr tends to be dirty, sooty, and has exposed lead that eventually plaques on the inside of the suppressor.

Centerfire suppressors are “never” able to be disassembled. They fire jacketed rounds, and need to be stronger in order to survive the higher pressures of center fire cartridges.

But what if you want to suppress a firearm while using cast bullets? The lubrication and exposed lead can build up, and require cleaning. One approach is to make sure you shoot twice as much hot, jacketed bullets as cast lead, with the theory that the jackets bullets will heat up the suppressor and clean it out. If you like rapid fire fun, great! But if you only ever shoot cast out of a bolt gun, what do you do then?

Some of the rimfire suppressor manufacturers make a take apart suppressor that is capable of suppressing smaller center fires. The SilencerCo Sparrow is reported by the manufacturer to be suitable for 22 hornet and 22 TCM. This isn’t good for 223, but a suppressed 22 hornet built on a contender frame can be loads of fun for small game.

Black Rain Ordnance has a 30 cal ($999 MSRP) and 223 cal ($799 MSRP).

Liberty also makes the “Mystic X”, MSRP of $799. This one is rated for anything up to 7.62×39, 300 Blackout, 9mm, etc. Basically anything up to 35 caliber, and pressure/gas volume similar to 330 blk or 357 Rem Maximum (ball park of 35k psi).

Tactical Solutions is perhaps not as well known a suppressor manufacturer as Liberty. They make a take down 223 sized suppressor good for 22lr to full auto 223 called “Tac-16”. It is only MSRP of $450. The TAC-16 is also older technology in that it does not have a quick-attach system. I’ve read recently where the quick detach systems are starting to fade from popularity, but in this case it doesn’t matter. If you want the Tac-16, you’ll take it in a direct attach.

Lane Silencers & Guns is also making the “Scorpion Mangnum”, which is a take-apart 30 caliber suppressor available in a number of materials combinations and different cerakote colors. Depending on the options, it carries an MSRP of $550 (all stainless steel) to $950 (all titanium).

The trade off on most of these products is that the take apart suppressor is typically going to be slightly heavier due to the need to add material around where there are threaded parts.