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Savage 93 versus Mark II

The various models of Mark II and 93 from Savage are all made on the same receiver, so the base rifle attributes are largely the same. They call this their e-receiver, and it was introduced a few years ago. Prior to that the Mark rifles and the 93s used two different receivers. The model 93 comes in 17 HMR and 22mag, where as the Mark II typically is chambered in 22lr or occasionally 17HM2.

All of these models are currently offered with the Accu-Trigger, as of around 2006. The move to the e-receiver came a while later. Something to watch out for though is that some of the big box stores (Wal-Mart, Dick’s, maybe others) were still selling Savage rimfires without Accu-Triggers as late as 2009. I haven’t seen this recently, but if someone tells you they bought their old school trigger Mark II after 2006 it could have been old stock, or deliberately ordered that way by one of the big chains.

The stocks on the e-receiver models will interchange, although there may be minor inletting issues. There is also a Mark IG (the Rascal is built on this platform) which is a single shot rimfire. They are usually 22lr but there might be some Mach II chamberings out there.

Savage acquired Lake Field Arms Ltd of Ontario, Canada in 1994. The Mark rifles and model 93’s have been made there since.

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